Abortion Risks in Kuwait

The main result of unprotected sex is a pregnancy. It happens on a global scale and there is nothing to be ashamed of, even if the outcome is an unwanted pregnancy.

It doesn’t matter if it is a bad timing, if the woman is not married or if she has been the victim of a rape (unfortunately, this still happens), there are many reasons for which an abortion could be wanted, and no one should judge any of them.

However, if you want to avoid the abortion risks in Kuwait, you must first understand them completely. They involve legal, health and social consequences, which could damage you for life.

The Kuwait abortion law forbids a woman to have an abortion. There are exceptions. However, these are only allowed with the clearance from a team of 3 medical doctors:

If the continuance of the pregnancy causes serious harm to health.
If it is established that the fetus would be born with a serious physical or mental injury, that it cannot be expected that the injury is curable, and both spouses agree to the abortion.
The exceptions above are allowed only if the pregnancy is younger than 120 days. This is why many women, pregnant and unmarried in Kuwait, decide to look for and accept the services of illegal abortion clinics in Kuwait, without understanding the abortion consequences in Kuwait fully.

Used by women at a global scale, chemical abortion (abortion with pills) is also the preferred method for women in Kuwait. It is a fairly simple procedure. The woman takes 2 substances, mifepristone and misoprostol.

They act by limiting the progesterone production (progesterone is necessary to maintain the bond between the pregnancy and the uterine wall) and by inducing contractions and cramping (it helps eliminate the pregnancy). Remember that this method is efficient if performed before the pregnancy is 7 weeks old. The success rate after that mark drops from 97% to 70% and can generate life threatening complications.

As all over the world, the situation in Kuwait is not different when it comes to purchasing abortion pills or generic medication which has the active substances as main components. Campaigns are constantly run in order to limit the trafficking of Cytotec and Mifepristone. However, the results are not as expected.

There are illegal clinics, operated by fake doctors where these pills are sold. There are online outlets from which they can be bought, but who, unfortunately, often sell fake items. All this increases the abortion health risks a pregnant and unmarried woman in Kuwait faces.

Post Abortion Care in Kuwait

Knowing the abortion risks in Kuwait and your rights as a human being is mandatory. It can make the difference between life and death. Without even thinking about the legal consequences of accepting services from quack doctors, remember the following services you should at least benefit from:

Limiting infections:No matter which abortion method you choose or accept, all of them involve hemorrhaging. The uterine content is eliminated through your dilated cervix. This means you are prone to infections, whether you chose chemical abortion, a surgical one or a D&C abortion.
When complications appear, severe hemorrhaging can occur as well. You lose important vitamins and minerals and get dehydrated, all of this contributing to a chemical imbalance in your body. Infections are also possible, since the venues in which illegal clinics operate do not abide by the same sanitary guidelines as hospitals do.

Abortion injuries:If chemical abortion is not an option for you, you must know that any other abortion method will be invasive. This means a possibly untrained individual will stick medical instruments or improvised tools inside your uterus. The abortion will not, in any way, be considered safe.

Complications and uterine injuries are one of the mainreasons why women die in Asia. Most of these complications come from abortions performed by unprepared personnel, in illegal clinics.

Calcium and vitamins:The main consequence of abortions is blood loss. The recovery care you receive in any hospital involves vitamins and minerals prescriptions. Recommendations about your meal plan in the week following the abortion are also made, to ensure your intake compensates your loss through bleeding. It ensures you recover fast and well.

Family planning services: Making sure an abortion is completed as well as offering post-operative care is not enough to ensure the woman’s wellbeing in the long term. Abortion health risks also appear from repeating the procedure, especially if done through invasive methods.

Multiple abortions can cause scars to the uterine wall. These, in the long term, theymight prevent you from ever having children. This is where family planning services come at hand. Educating every woman about her choices and possibilities is mandatory, in order to keep her healthy.

You should always put yourself first. Your health and freedom are your no.1 priorities. Looking for an abortion tablet in Kuwait to help you terminate a pregnancy can lead you to fake doctors, fake pills and fake services, and the outcome might not be favorable.

There are too many abortion risks in Kuwait in order for you to even consider it. The best alternative you have is asking the doctors at the American Hospital Bangalore for help. You will receive information, advice, early booking appointments and quality care, all under the legal protection of Indian laws. Also, even if you are only a tourist, you are protected by our privacy and confidentiality policies.