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Bangalore is one of the most preferred destinations for abortions in the world. A quick look at the large number of patients who travel from as far as Dubai to come just for this procedure shows that indeed India is the preferred choice by many for complex medical procedures.

American Hospital Bangalore is the best hospital for these procedures in India. It comes as no surprise, therefore, that a big fraction of the patients who come to India for this procedure come to American Hospital Bangalore. Let’s take a look at the procedure followed when a patient comes for an abortion in this hospital.

Methods of Abortion in Bangalore

Before we look at the procedure used in American Hospital Bangalore, let’s take a look at your options and see the methods that can be used in your case.

  • The Abortion Pill – This is by far the most common method used in medical termination of pregnancy in India and all over the world. This can be attributed to its high chances of success and the relatively easy procedure for application.
    The process is simple: you take one or two pills orally and wait. Some women experience nausea after taking the pills while others don’t. After taking the pills, cramps and bleeding are expected for a few days after which the abortion procedure will be complete.
    However, this method only works in the early weeks of pregnancy.
    The longer the pregnancy, the lower the chances of success. It is advisable that this method is not used if 9 weeks have passed from the first day of the last period.
  • Surgical Abortion – This is another abortion procedure in American Hospital Bangalore. Unlike the pill, this method can be used on pregnancies that are older than 9 weeks.
    The process is carried out in a hospital, where the foetus is removed surgically from the womb. In this procedure, there is less bleeding after the procedure when compared to using pills. The procedure also takes a relatively shorter time. It is usually done under general anaesthesia and pain meds are also given.
  • Induction Procedures – Induction procedures are similar in a way to surgical procedures in that they can be done late into the pregnancy. They should also be done by a trained medical personnel. The process involves administration of medication that will induce the abortion.
    The medication involved is usually potassium chloride, prostaglandins and Pitocin. The potassium chloride is injected into the amniotic sac while the prostaglandins is inserted into the vagina. The pitocin on the other hand is injected into the patient’s bloodstream intravenously.
  • Saline – This is a simple method of terminating a pregnancy. In this method, amniotic fluid is replaced by a saline solution. This saline solution induces labour and in about 24 hours, the abortion process is complete. However, this method should only be done on pregnancies that are more than 15 weeks old.
    It should also be administered by a trained medical personnel. Unlike the pill and surgical methods, this method is not very popular in the recent past. This can be attributed to the development of new and more effective modern methods of medical termination of pregnancy in Bangalore.
  • Dilation and Evacuation – Like the name suggests, this involves opening up a path and removing the foetus. It is recommended between the 13th and 24th week after the first day of the last period.
    In this period, the pill won’t work and hence there is a need to find a more effective method. The doctor uses specialized equipment to open up the cervix by dilation and once there is sufficient room, the foetus is removed.

Each of these methods is applicable in different situations. Hence you should talk to a doctor before deciding on the method to use. American Hospital Bangalore has an open phone line that you can call and you will talk to a qualified doctor who can help you weigh your options.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that should be considered before choosing the method to be used for termination.

Factors affecting the method used for the abortion:

    • Length of the pregnancy. Different methods work best for different times during the pregnancy. The pill for example, is effective in the first 9 weeks of the pregnancy. Dilation and excavation on the other hand works after the 13th week.
      To ensure that you get the best results, it’s advisable to choose a method that has been proven to work with pregnancies in your current trimester.
    • Pre-existing medical conditions. Patients suffering from conditions such as anemia can end up in trouble when they opt for abortion procedures that involve excessive bleeding.
      It is therefore important to inform the doctor about any medical conditions that you might have. This will help ensure that all the necessary measures are taken to ensure a successful procedure.

If you get your abortion treatment in American Hospital Bangalore, you will have access to trained doctors and gynecologists. These professionals will go over all the requirements with you before choosing the method that will be used to ensure that you don’t end up choosing a method that will cause problems.

We know that no patient is similar to another. Hence you can be sure that the method that will be recommended will be fit for your own unique circumstances.

Let’s now look at the procedure that will be followed when you book an abortion procedure in American Hospital Bangalore.

Abortion Treatment Procedure in American Hospital Bangalore

Regardless of whether you are a local patient or an international patient from miles away from India, American Hospital Bangalore has a solution for you. The procedure is structured in a manner that ensures convenience of all our patients.

Step 1: Booking

This is the step that initiates the procedure in our hospital. You can use our phone lines to schedule an appointment. When you call, you will talk to a qualified doctor who will answer any questions that you might have and advise you accordingly. Once you have decided on a method, you will schedule an appointment on a day that is comfortable with you.

Any requirements that must be met like fasting for surgical procedures will also be communicated at this point to ensure that you come prepared for the procedure. If you live in a foreign country, you can go ahead and make travel arrangements. Once the booking has been confirmed, we will provide a letter that you will use to get a VISA which allows you to travel to India.

Step 2: Arrival

This involves arriving at the hospital on the day of the appointment. If you’d like our one day abortion procedure, make a point of arriving at the hospital early in the morning. You can get an early morning flight or an overnight one depending on your home country.

We will provide you with phone numbers of good taxi companies to ensure that you don’t find yourself stranded at the airport upon arrival. You can even book a taxi before leaving your home country and you will find the car waiting for you upon arrival.

Step 3: First Appointment

Here, you will get to meet the doctor or surgeon who will be with you during the procedure. You will go over the procedure together so that you can know exactly what to expect. Any questions that you might have about the procedure or any other options that you might have will also be answered at this point.

This is also the place where you should inform the doctor about your medical history and any other conditions that you feel might affect the outcome. It’s advisable to be very open with your doctor as this will really help.

Step 4: Tests and Check Up

Once everything has been communicated and you have all the information that you need, the doctor will go ahead and recommend tests that are relevant to the chosen method. These will only take a few minutes and are tests to verify that indeed you are fit enough to undergo the procedure.

You might have to wait for a few minutes as the tests are being done and results analysed. Once the results are out, you will then be taken to the procedure room where the abortion will be administered.

If it is a surgical abortion, you will be taken to an operating room and if it is a non-surgical one, you will be taken to a standard treatment room where the procedure will be conducted.

Step 5: Administering of the Procedure

This step involves doctors carrying out the procedure as agreed. For pills, you will be provided with the tablets and any other medication to counteract possible side effects of the procedure. You will also be told what to expect and how to reach when you reach the different stages in the abortion procedure.

A good example is what to do after the surgery if you have chosen a surgical abortion and so on. For surgical abortions, sometimes patients are requested to stay overnight for monitoring. However, in most cases, patients are released on the same day and allowed to go about their normal day to day operations.

Step 6: Post Abortion Care

Once the abortion has been done, we don’t leave you alone. We give you the necessary care to ensure that you have quick healing with no issues. This care is customized to your particular needs based on the method used to terminate the pregnancy so you can be sure that you will only get relevant advice in your situation.

We won’t give you generalized pamphlets like what happens in most other hospitals. Our post abortion care will be given by a qualified care giver to ensure that you heal and get back to your normal schedule in the shortest time possible.

Elements of Our Post Abortion Care

Our post abortion care is structured in a manner that ensures that you will heal in the shortest time possible. The main goal of this program is to address the problems that come up after a medical termination of pregnancy. In addition to physical pain, abortions can bring emotional pain that needs to be addressed.

Since the establishment in 1995, American Hospital Bangalore has been working hard to ensure that patients get the best care regardless of the procedure being sought. This is one of the reasons why the post abortion care came into existence.

Here are the elements of the service:

    • Counselling. The whole process of terminating a pregnancy can be very draining emotionally and physically. We understand this need and hence we make sure that all our patients get access to seasoned counsellors who help them get over the emotional issues that are very common in such times.
    • Infections. Owing to the increased blood flow for a number of days after the abortion treatment in India, infections are very common occurrences. However, they are not common with patients who have gone through American Hospital Bangalore because our post abortion care teaches them how best to take care of the blood flow to ensure that no infections occur.
    • Contraception. At American Hospital Bangalore, we believe that prevention is so much better than curing. Hence we try our best to ensure that none of our patients ever have to go through an abortion procedure again in future.
      We achieve this by offering information about the various contraception methods available during the post abortion care. This will help the patient evaluate each of these options to identify the best method to use for her situation.
    • Nutritional Supplements. During abortions, it’s common for patients to lose a significant amount of blood. In our post abortion care, we advise on the best foods to take that will help them recover this lost blood in the shortest time possible. This will help prevent the occurrence of conditions such as anaemia that can easily come as a result of losing large amounts of blood from the body.
    • Failed Procedures. Abortion is illegal in many Asian countries. Unfortunately, quite a number of patients in these countries don’t know about the option to have a safe and legal procedure done in India. A good number of these patients end up seeking unsafe abortions done by unqualified medical personnel.
      A good number of these procedures fail and the patient is left in need of urgent medical attention by trained medical personnel to save her life. Our post abortion care also takes these patients into consideration and gives them the medical intervention that they need to restore them into good health.
    • Milk let down. When abortion is done in the last trimester of pregnancy, it’s common for the patient to see some milk let down. This can be a messy and traumatizing experience for patients who are not prepared for it.

Our post abortion care will ensure that you get tablets that will try and suppress the discharge. You will also get training on how best to manage the flow to ensure that it doesn’t keep you from carrying out your day to day obligations.

With this in mind, American Hospital Bangalore is easily the best place and hospital to get a safe and legal abortion regardless of where you come from. This post abortion care is to ensure that our patients’ safety is our number one priority and that we will stop at nothing to make sure that they do not develop any complications after the procedures.

Contact us if you have any questions about the service and we will do our best to provide all the answers that you need.

Why you should come to American Hospital Bangalore

American Hospital Bangalore is a force to reckon with when it comes to the provision of top notch medical solutions in India. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it is the best place to get your abortion treatment procedures.

1. Post Abortion Care – Although many hospitals overlook this, post abortion care is very important when it comes to the provision of abortion procedures. Luckily, American Hospital Bangalore is not among these hospitals so when you come to us, you will have access to high quality post abortion care that will see to it that you recover in the shortest time possible and that any complications that arise are addressed in the shortest time possible.

You will also be better prepared for the different stages in the healing process since you will be informed about what to expect. Nothing will get you by surprise.

2. One Day Abortion Procedure – We understand how difficult it is for busy professionals to get time off their schedules. Hence we do our part in ensuring that you get quick services when you come to American Hospital Bangalore.

Our one day abortion procedure will ensure that your work doesn’t suffer a big blow just because you have to terminate a pregnancy. You will get all elements of our service and at the end of the day you will be discharged and free to go back to your normal duties.

3. Legal and Safe Procedures – Unlike in many other Asian countries, abortion is legal in India. This means that American Hospital Bangalore will not be breaking any laws by offering you abortion treatment procedures. As a result, you have nothing to fear when you come to our hospital.

You won’t be arrested or prosecuted by anyone and since we are fully within the law, we have time to focus on giving you high quality services. All our doctors are trained and qualified to conduct the different procedures. Therefore you can be sure that your safety is guaranteed when you come to American Hospital Bangalore.

4. Guaranteed Confidentiality – When you come to American Hospital Bangalore, you can be sure that your privacy will be highly upheld. We won’t ask for any information that we don’t need and every detail that we will ask you to provide will be treated with utmost confidentiality. You don’t have to worry about any of this information leaking because everybody who has access to your information is under oath to keep the details private and confidential.

5. World Class Facilities – American Hospital Bangalore has invested in modern equipment to ensure that the process is smooth and efficient. We have been on the forefront in the application of modern technological innovation in the field of medicine.

When you come to our hospital, you are assured of getting nothing but the best solutions for any procedure that you would like done. As a result, your safety is more guaranteed since the application of this technology ensures more accurate diagnosis and safer procedures.

6. Trained and Qualified Personnel – All our doctors, surgeons and gynaecologists are trained and qualified in their respective fields of expertise. A good number of them have years of experience in their fields.

Hence they have met with most of the problems that our patients have. This means that you can rest assured that you will be in the right hands when you come to American Hospital Bangalore.

7. Round the Clock Availability – Regardless of where you are coming from, we are always ready to talk to you. Feel free to call us and you will talk to someone who will provide answers to any questions that you might have about the procedures or even the abortion treatment cost in Bangalore India.

International patients seeking abortion treatment in Dubai, Qatar and many other Asian countries are usually left stranded when seeking an abortion hospital. This is mainly because of the tough laws against abortion in these countries. Luckily, this will not keep you from getting high quality services at American Hospital Bangalore.

Abortion Procedure FAQ

How long will the abortion appointment take?

Depending on the method you choose, the appointment will take between 1-4 hours. The actual abortion procedure will take about 5-20 minutes depending on the method used. Tests and counselling extend the appointment to a few hours as needed. However, you don’t need more than a day for the procedure.

Can I bring someone with me?

At American Hospital Bangalore, we encourage you to bring someone to support you during and after the procedure. However, they won’t be allowed to go with you into the operating room for the surgery or recovery, but you will re-join them in the waiting rooms in between the different stages.

Will the abortion procedure hurt?

Any possible pain that will be experienced during an abortion is as a result of muscle cramps. This means that it is very similar, but slightly stronger that what is experienced during menstruation.

Trying to stay calm and relaxed during and after the procedure can help ease the pain. Surgical procedures are also performed under general anaesthesia to help keep your muscles relaxed. At American Hospital Bangalore our doctors are experienced to absolutely eliminate or minimize any possible pain.

Will I be able to have children after the abortion?

There is no proven connection between abortions and any future pregnancy complications or infertility. This means that you will still be able to get pregnant after the abortion. However, we will advise you on the different contraceptive options so that you won’t have to get another abortion.

International Patients:

I’m not an Indian resident. Can I still have an abortion done in American Hospital Bangalore?

Yes. If you need an Indian VISA, you can get it from your country’s Indian embassy and you will be allowed to travel to India. Once you are in India you can have the procedure done at American Hospital Bangalore.

Abortion is illegal in my country, can I have it done in India legally?

In India you don’t have to worry about prosecution for terminating a pregnancy because abortions are legal. This means that regardless of your home country, you can still have the procedure done by us without worrying about breaking any law.

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