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Multi-Speciality Hospital with Innovative and Personalized Medical Service

About American Hospital Bangalore, Administrators and Doctors

The American Hospital is a high-end boutique hospital, located in the heart of Bangalore City, India. It offers medical procedures and care at international quality and standards.

We proudly compare our services and facilities to those found in reputable European and US medical centers. Exquisitely, high-trained medical team and top managers make sure our quality goals are met.

The abortion procedures for adultwomen are available regardless of their age. Women have various options to choose from, as our services are adapted and fitted to any type of pregnancy.

You can choose from multiple options: chemical abortion (performed with abortion pills), first trimester D&C abortion (available for pregnancies between seven and twelve weeks old) and second trimester abortion.

The entire staff is prepared for any procedure or scenario, balancing every piece of medical information you provide or they have through the preliminary test. Any possible outcome is foreseen, allowing the team of doctors and nurses to be prepared at all times.

Our doctors have successfully provided care for thousands of women. High-end technology, combined with constant training and innovative procedures – they all ensure patient-oriented, valuable care. This involved both the abortion procedure, as well as post-procedural care.

The doctors, nurses, technicians, laboratory analysts, and radiologist have received training in worldwide know universities in the US, Germany, and UK. They are able to perform without flaw every single time thanks to their extensive surgical and post-surgical care experience.

Your only concern is to choose your safety in an abortion procedure. For the American Hospital Bangalore team, this is a responsibility. It is a promise to you, and an oath to us. You will leave healthy and completely satisfied with our services.